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Deleuze and Political Activism

Deleuze Studies Volume 4: 2010 (Supplement)

Edited by Marcelo Svirsky


When Deleuze and Guattari wrote Anti-Oedipus they hoped it would be a call to arms for dissidents and political activists. Rather than set out a program of change, they tried to isolate the political, cultural and economic factors that inhibit change. In so doing they created a work that was instantly recognised as a philosophical watershed. It changed the landscape of political theory in a single sweep. In this volume, both critical theorists and activists analyse Deleuze and Guattari's critical tools on radical politics. The essays integrate theoretical elaborations and case-study problematisations on different political spaces and times, offering new ways to reflect on, and experiment with transformative politics.

About the Author

Marcelo Svirsky is a Lecturer in International Studies at the University of Wollongong, Australia

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