Deleuze and Philosophy

Edited by Constantin V. Boundas

Ebook (PDF) i

Deleuze and Philosophy provides an exploration of the continuing philosophical relevance of Gilles Deleuze. This collection of essays uses Deleuze to move between thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Husserl, Hume, Locke, Kant, Foucault, Badiou and Agamben. As such the reader is left with a comprehensive understanding not just of the philosophy of Deleuze but how he can be situated within a much broader philosophical trajectory.

Constantin Boundas has gathered together recent scholarship on Deleuze's philosophy by an acclaimed line-up of international contributors, all of whom seek to provide new and previously unexplored theoretical terrains that will be of interest to both the Deleuze specialist and student alike. Three of the essays are by key French Deleuzians whose work is not widely available in translation.

This enticing collection is essential reading for anyone interested not just in Deleuze but in the history of philosophical ideas.

  • Includes an extended introduction to the philosophy of Deleuze which can be used by students and lecturers alike
  • addresses problems and issues in Deleuze's philosophy that have not yet been discussed
  • Presents for the first time to English readers works by leading French commentators including Veronique Bergen, Philippe Mengue and Arnaud Villani
  • Contributors include: Zsuzsa Baross, Veronique Bergen, Ronald Bogue, Bruce Baugh, Rosi Braidotti, Claire Colebrook, Bela Egyed, Philippe Mengue, Dorothea Olkowski, Davide Panagia, Daniel W. Smith, Jeremie Valentin and Arnaud Villani
AcknowledgementsINTRODUCTIONConstantin V. Boundas, ‘What Difference does Deleuze’s Difference make?’DIFFERENT/CIATIONBruce Baugh, ‘Real Essences without Essentialism’Daniel W. Smith, ‘Deleuze, Kant, and the Theory of Immanent Ideas’Véronique Bergen, ‘The Precariousness of Being and Thought in the Philosophies of Gilles Deleuze and Alain Badiou’Bela Egyed, ‘Counter-Actualization and the Method of Intuition’Davide Panagia, ‘Inconsistencies of Character: David Hume on Sympathy, Intensity and Artifice’Zsuzsa Baross, ‘A Fourth Repetition’LIFE,ETHICS,POLITICSClaire Colebrook, ‘Deleuze and the Meaning of Life’Rosi Braidotti, ‘The Ethics of Becoming Imperceptible’Dorothea Olkowski, ‘The Mechanism of Death and the Limits of Intensity’Philippe Mengue, ‘The Problem of the Birth of Philosophy in Greece in the Thought of Gilles Deleuze’Jérémie Valentin, ‘Deleuze’s Political Posture’Ronald Bogue, ‘Bergsonian Fabulation and the People to come’EPILOGUEArnaud Villani, ‘Why Am I Deleuzian?BIBLIOGRAPHYLIST OF CONTRIBUTORSINDEX

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Constantin V. Boundas is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Trent University, Canada. He is an editor and translator of the work of Gilles Deleuze, including an editor of Gilles Deleuze's The Logic of Sense (Columbia University Press, 1991) and translator of Gilles Deleuze's Empiricism and Subjectivity (Columbia University Press, 1991).

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