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Deleuze and Memorial Culture

Desire, Singular Memory and the Politics of Trauma

Adrian Parr

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Deleuze and Memorial Culture is a detailed study of contemporary forms of public remembrance. Adrian Parr considers the different character traumatic memory takes throughout the sphere of cultural production and argues that contemporary memorial culture has the power to put traumatic memory to work in a positive way. Drawing on the conceptual apparatus of Gilles Deleuze, she outlines the relevance of his thought to cultural studies and the wider phenomenon of traumatic theory and public remembrance.

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1. Desire is social
2. Utopian memory
3. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
4. 9/11 news coverage
5. US military abuses at Abu Ghraib
6. The Amish shootings
7. Ground zero
8. Berlin and the holocaust
9. Trauma and consumption

About the Author

Adrian Parr is Professor of Critical Theory at the University of Cincinnati. She is the editor of The Deleuze Dictionary (EUP, 2005), and with Ian Buchanan of Deleuze and the Contemporary World (EUP, 2006). She is the author of Exploring the Work of Leonardo da Vinci within the Context of Contemporary Philosophical Thought and Art (Edwin Mellen Press, 2003).

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