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Deleuze and Literature

Edited by Ian Buchanan, John Marks

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Although he is best known as a philosopher, Deleuze's interests were extremely far reaching - in addition to his important critiques of major philosophers like Kant, Hume and Spinoza, he also wrote extensively on literature, cinema and art. Characteristically, he didn't apply philosophy to the arts, he always tried to extract philosophy from them.

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Introduction: Deleuze and Literature
Ian Buchanan & John Marks
1. Deleuze and Signs
Andre Pierre Colombat
2. How Deleuze Can Help Us Make Literature Work
Bruce Baugh
3. The 'Paterson' Plateau: Deleuze, Guattari, and William Carlos Williams
Hugh Crawford
4. 'Underworld': The People are Missing
John Marks
5. Inhuman Irony: The Event of the Postmodern
Claire Colebrook
6. On the Uses and Abuses of Literature for Life
Greg Lambert
7. 'A Question of an Axiomatic of Desires': the Deleuzian Imagination of Geoliterature
Kenneth Surin
8. Transvestism, Drag and Becomings: A Deleuzian Analysis of the Fictions of Timothy Findley
Marlene Goldman
9. Only Intensities Subsist: Samuel Beckett's 'Nohow On'
Timothy S. Murphy
10. Nizan's Diagnosis of Existentialism and the Perversion of Death
Eugene W. Holland
11. I and My Deleuze
Tom Conley.

About the Author

Ian Buchanan is Director of the Institute for Social Transformation Research, University of Wollongong. He is the author of A Reader's Guide to Anti-Oedipus and Deleuzism: A Metacommentary, and Editor of the journal Deleuze Studies.

John Marks is Reader in French in the Department of Modern Languages at The Nottingham Trent University. He is the author of Gilles Deleuze: Vitalism and Multiplicity


Deleuze and Literature makes a detailed and convincing case for why Deleuze deserves to be taken seriously by students of literature.

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