Deleuze and Design

Edited by Betti Marenko, Jamie Brassett

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An interrogation of the theory and practice of design through the thought of Gilles Deleuze

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1. Jamie BRASSETT AND Betti MARENKO Introduction
2. Jamie BRASSETT Poised and Complex. The becoming each other of philosophy, design and innovation
3. Manola ANTONIOLI Design in Guattari’s Ecosophy
4. Anne SAUVAGNARGUES Design machines and art machines
5. Hugh CRAWFORD Thinking Hot: Risk, Prehension, and Sympathy in Design
6. Betti MARENKO Digital Materiality, Morphogenesis and the Intelligence of the Technodigital object
7. Derek HALES Re-designing the Objectile
8. Vincent BEAUBOIS Design, Assemblage and Functionality
9. John O’REILLY Milieu and the creation of the Illustrator – Chris Ware and Saul Steinberg
10. Petra HROCH Sustainable Design Activism: Affirmative Politics and Fruitful Futures.

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In a field decidedly weak in theoretical constructs, this book goes a long way toward aligning design studies with contemporary philosophy. But it also steers Deleuze in a new direction, unleashing the creative power and possibilities behind one of the chief philosophical figures of our age.
Dr Elizabeth Guffey, State University of New York, Purchase
Betti Marenko is Senior Lecturer in Product Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London. She is the editor of DIY Survival: There is No Subculture, Only Subversion (C6 & Mute, 2005) and Segni Indelebili: Materia e Desiderio del Corpo Tatuato (Feltrinelli, 2002) and Ibridazioni: Corpi in Transito e Alchimie della Nuova Carne (Castelvecchi, 1997).

Jamie Brassett is Course Director in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London. He is co-author of Design Digestion (Tin Horse Design, 2007).

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