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Deleuze, Altered States and Film

Anna Powell

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Deleuze, Altered States and Film offers a typology of altered states, defining dream, hallucination, memory, trance and ecstasy in their cinematic expression. The book presents altered states films as significant neurological, psychological and philosophical experiences. Chapters engage with films that simultaneously present and induce altered consciousness. They consider dream states and the popularisation of alterity in drugs films. The altered bodies of erotic arousal and trance states are explored, using haptics and synaesthesia. Cinematic distortions of space and time as well as new digital and fractal directions are opened up.

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Introduction: Altered States, Affect and Film
1. The Dream Machine
2. Pharmacoanalysis
3. Altered Body Maps and the Cinematic Sensorium
4. Altered States of Time
Conclusion: Becoming Fractal

About the Author

Anna Powell is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University.


Anna Powell does three valuable things in this book. First, she provides a lucid introduction to Gilles Deleuze's philosophy of film. Second, she puts this philosophy to work, showing how it is useful for the understanding of particular films. And third, she vividly recalls for us the "altered states" to which film, at its best, gives us access.
- Steven Shaviro, DeRoy Professor of English, Wayne State University
An extremely well-timed and influential intervention into the field.
- David Martin-Jones, University of St Andrews, Senses of Cinema
This book is a valuable contribution to the growing field of Deleuzian film studies. By combining precise film analysis with insightful conceptual thinking, Anna Powell demonstrates how a Deleuzian approach of cinema provides a deep understanding of the ways in which (digital) cinema alters our minds.
- Patricia Pisters, University of Amsterdam

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