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Czech and Slovak Cinema

Theme and Tradition

Peter Hames

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This book is the first study in English to examine some of the key themes and traditions of Czech and Slovak cinema, linking inter-war and post-war cinemas together with developments in the post-Communist period. It examines links between theme, genre, and visual style, and looks at the ways in which a range of styles and traditions has extended across different historical periods and political regimes. Czech and Slovak Cinema provides a unique study of areas of Central European film history that have not previously been examined in English.

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1. Introduction
2. The Comic Tradition
3. Czech Lyricism
4. The Avant Garde
5. Surrealism
6. Animation
7. Representations of the Holocaust
8. Realism and the New Wave
9. Politics and Film
10. Traditions of the Absurd
11. Is There a Slovak Style?.

About the Author

Peter Hames is Honorary Research Associate in Film and Media Studies at Staffordshire University. His books include The Czechoslovak New Wave (second edition, 2005) and, as editor, The Cinema of Central Europe (2004), The Cinema of Jan Švankmajer: Dark Alchemy (second edition, 2008), and Cinemas in Transition (with Catherine Portuges, forthcoming). He has contributed to a wide range of publications, including Sight and Sound, Index on Censorship, Canadian Slavonic Papers, and KinoKultura.


A comprehensive and exciting look at Czech and Slovak Cinema. it can be interesting and provocative to veterans of the region's cinemas, but it can also benefit students who are new to this topic.
- Lilla Töke, Rochester Institute of Technology, Slavonic and East European Review

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