Culture and Power in Cultural Studies

The Politics of Signification

John Storey

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Culture and Power in Cultural Studies is a collection of John Storey's best and most significant contributions to the field of cultural studies, spanning 25 years. Covering a variety of topics, all chapters share a common focus on culture and power and the politics of signification: the struggle to define social reality; to give the world and its contents meaning in particular ways to generate desired effects of power. Chapters are informed by history and organised by theory, and have been revised and rewritten to create an engaging volume.

Twelve chapters expand and elaborate certain key ideas, themes and issues to be found in the author's cultural studies textbooks, providing an essential reference for those looking for further exemplification of these key areas of study. Each with a different subject matter and method of argument, the chapters demonstrate how signification and the struggle over meaning is fundamental to the processes of hegemony. The collection fixes its critical gaze on how particular meanings acquire their authority and legitimacy, knowing that dominant modes of making the world meaningful are a fundamental aspect of the processes of hegemony.

1. Culture and Power in Cultural Studies
2. Matthew Arnold: The Politics of an Organic Intellectual
3. Rockin' Hegemony: West Coast Rock and America's War in Vietnam
4. Texts, Readers, Reading Formations: 'My Poll and My Partner Joe' in Manchester in 1841
5. Cultural Studies: The Politics of an Academic Practice
an Academic Practice as Politics
6. The Sixties in the Nineties: Pastiche or Hyperconsciousness?
7. The Articulation of Memory and Desire: From Vietnam to the War in the Persian Gulf
8. The Social Life of Opera
9. Globalisation as Cultural Americanisation
10. Inventing Opera in Nineteenth-Century Manchester
11. The Invention of the English Christmas
12. 'The spoiled adopted child of Great Britain and even of the Empire': A symptomatic reading of Heart of Darkness.
John Storey is Professor of Cultural Studies and Director of theCentre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University ofSunderland. He has published widely in cultural studies, including eight books. The most recent book is The Articulation of Memory and Desire (Guangxi University Press, 2008). His work has been translated into Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Serbian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

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