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Culture and Democracy

Media, Space and Representation

Clive Barnett

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This book is about democracy and communication. The media and popular culture are often identified as bearing primary responsibility for the decline of active citizenship and the decay of democratic institutions. Media culture is charged with eroding the capacity of citizens to trust in public institutions and with encouraging widespread civic disengagement.

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About the Author

Clive Barnett is Reader in Human Geography at The Open University. He is author of Culture and Democracy (Edinburgh University Press, 2003), and co-editor of Spaces of Democracy (Sage, 2004) and Geographies of Globalisation (Sage, 2008).


The first chapter, on 'Spaces of representation', gives a virtuosic airing to questions of representation… [this book contains] impressive scholarship… an essential text that deserves to be widely read and appreciated.
An intellectually stimulating work, which critically combines an assessment of ideas with an evaluation of policies at the interface of media, culture and democracy.
- Cultural Geographies