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Critical and Clinical Cartographies

Architecture, Robotics, Medicine, Philosophy

Edited by Andrej Radman, Heidi Sohn

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Discusses the newly emerging discourses between architecture and bio-medicine

Critical and Clinical Cartographies rethinks medical and design pedagogies in the context of both the Affective and Digital Turns that are occurring under the umbrella of New Materialism. This collection is framed through Deleuze's symptomalogical approach which creates the ideal terrain for architecture and medical technologies of care to meet with robotics, alongside the newly emerging 'materialist landscape'.

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The Four Domains of the Plane of Consistency
Andrej Radman & Heidi Sohni

Introduction: A Research into Man Machine Technologies: Architecture’s Dream of a Bio Future
Arie Graafland

Part I: Architecture

1. Urban Correlationism: A Matter of Access
Stavros Kousoulas

2. Housing Biopolitics and Care
Peg Rawes

3. Amorphous Continua
Chris Smith

Part II: Robotics

4. Robots Don’t Care: Why Bots Won’t Reboot Architecture
Christian Girard

5. The Convivial ART of Vortical Thinking
Keith Evan Green

6. Emotive Embodiments
Kas Oosterhuis

Part III: Medicine

7. Ecologies of Corporeal Space
Katharina D. Martin

8. Swimming in the Joint
Rachel Prentice

9. Key-Hole Surgery: Minimally Invasive Technology
Jenny Dankelman

Part IV: Philosophy

10. Elasticity and Plasticity: Anthropo-Design and the Crisis of RepetitionSjoerd van Tuinen11. Automata, Man-machines and Embodiment: Deflating or Inflating Life?
Charles T. Wolfe

12. Generative Futures: On Affirmative Ethics
Rosi Braidotti

Notes on Contributors

About the Author

Andrej Radman is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Delft University of Technology. He is a licensed and award-winning architect and has contributed to numerous academic publications including Deleuze and Architecture (EUP, 2013).

Heidi Sohn is Assiociate Professor of Architecture Theory at Delft University of Technology. She is a licensed architect and has published her work in several academic journals and books. They are both on the editorial board of the Footprint journal.


This collection answers, through an impressive range of perspectives, the call of Nietzsche’s ‘great health’ – the health that ‘one does not merely have but also acquires continually,’ an impersonal health that traverses the whole of life. Displaying the unique ability to embody and map out those pulsing vitalities at the always more-than- and other-than-human intersections of architecture, robotics, medicine and philosophy, these chapters ultimately carry forward Deleuze’s ‘critical and clinical’ answer to Nietzsche’s call. Enjoy this symptomatology!

- Gregory J. Seigworth, Millersville University (co-editor of The Affect Theory Reader)

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