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Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English

Hans Lindquist

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A lively hands-on introduction to the use of electronic corpora in the description and analysis of English

This book provides an ideal introduction for university students of English at the intermediate level. Students planning papers, dissertations or theses will find the book a particularly valuable guide.

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1: Corpus linguistics
2: Counting, calculating and annotating
3: Looking for lexis
4: Checking colligations and collocations
5: Finding phrases
6: Metaphor and metonymy
7: Grammar
8: Male and female
9: Language change
10: Corpus linguistics
in cyberspace
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About the Author

Hans Lindquist is professor of English Linguistics at Malmö University, Sweden. He has taught English in Switzerland, the United States, Japan, New Zealand and the Gambia and co-edited volumes on translation theory, the major varieties of English, and corpora and grammaticalization.


While it assumes a certain amount of background knowledge in grammar and linguistics, the textbook is accessible and sets a good pace for most readers who have an interest in learning how to use electronic corpora and in establishing what can be discovered through corpus research and analysis. Lindquist's book is organised clearly and uses interesting stepby-step examples to illustrate the benefits and limitations of corpus linguistics. Numerous tables and charts throughout the book make the author's examples meaningful and applicable. Each chapter includes study questions, online corpus exercises and suggestions for further reading. As a result of its hands-on approach and accessible prose, this book will be useful and enjoyable for students who are curious about language and intrigued by the capacity of corpora as a tool to investigate it. It offers informative and exciting step-by-step analyses that demonstrate how to use electronic corpora and what linguists can do with the results. The many graphs and charts not only explain the results of the searches conducted for this book, but also demonstrate to readers how to report the results of the studies they may conduct in future. Students will be excited to follow Lindquist as he describes how to investigate language using electronic corpora, and will be sufficiently well versed in the discussion of corpus data to analyse meaningfully and successfully their own data.
- Stacey Wizner, Qatar University, Corpora
Lindquist's 'Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English' is an excellent book for anyone wishing to become acquainted with corpus linguistics and its wide range of applications. As it can be read either from cover to cover or perused selectively, it is suitable for many types of readers.
- Marlies Gabriele Prinzl, LINGUIST list
this is a book that is sorely needed, and one that I believe will workwell both as a text book for a course on corpus linguistics and as a guide forstudents who are embarking on a corpus linguistic study for their degree paper inEnglish.

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