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Contemporary Scottish Fictions - Film, Television and the Novel

Duncan Petrie

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The last 20 years have witnessed an unprecedented flourishing of cultural expression in Scotland, regarded by some as a response to a growing sense of political disenfranchisement. Contemporary Scottish Fictions explores some of the major figures, works, themes and aesthetics of this cultural renaissance in the high-profile areas of film, television drama and the novel.

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Introduction: Scotland, National Identity and Cultural Production
Chapter One: Down Among the Big Boys
Chapter Two: A New Flowering of Creativity
Chapter Three: Broadening the Cultural Franchise
Chapter Four: Ducking and Diving in the Nineties
Chapter Five: A Walk on the Dark Side
Chapter Six: Urban Investigations
Chapter Seven: Narratives of Childhood
Afterword: Devolution and Beyond
Bibliography and Filmography.

About the Author

Duncan Petrie is Professor of Film at the University of York. His publications include Creativity and Constraint in the British Film Industry (1991), The British Cinematographer (1996), Screening Scotland (2000), Contemporary Scottish Fictions (2004), Shot in New Zealand (2007) and Educating Film-Makers (2014).


A terrific book - racy, pacy and full of interesting insights and analysis. Not only does it offer ways for scholarship to go forward in the domain of Scottish studies and questions of national identity, it also impels the reader to go out and read the novels, see the films, revisit the television programmes
- Professor Susan Hayward, University of Exeter