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Contemporary Feminist Theories

Edited by Stevi Jackson, Jackie Jones

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This textbook introduction to current feminist theories maps the development of feminist thought and suggests future directions. Reflecting the diversity of feminist theory, and its multiple practices and approaches, the chapters range across the humanities and social sciences covering: social theory; theory and economic change; political theory; jurisprudence;anthropological theory; psychoanalytic theory; theories of gender; lesbian theory; postmodern and cultural theory; black theory; literary theory; linguistic theories; media and film theory; postcolonial theory; perspectives on science; theorising the personal; methodologies/epistemologies; and women's studies.

About the Author

Stevi Jackson is Professor of Women’s Studies and Director of the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York

Jackie Jones is Publisher at Edinburgh University Press.


The subjects that are covered in the book are introduced clearly, well-contextualised and provoke further examination of their topics.