Contemporary Capitalism and Mental Health

Rhythms of Everyday Life

Conor Heaney

Hardback (Forthcoming)

What is the relationship between contemporary capitalism and mental health?

  • Politicises the question of mental health in our contemporary political, economic, and technological context
  • Offers an innovative methodological framework through which to theorise everyday life (and how it might be transformed)
  • Grounds future research in the field of rhythmanalysis

Rather than individualising mental health, Conor Heaney takes seriously the notion of a shared mental environment and the importance of theorising everyday life in our endeavours to grasp and transform our everyday experience. Drawing particularly on the work of Félix Guattari, Gilles Deleuze, Bernard Stiegler, and Henri Lefebvre, Heaney develops the idea of rhythmanalysis as an original and interdisciplinary approach to the politics of mental health. He offers both a renewed methodological and philosophical approach to rhythmanalysis (scaping) and deploys it with respect to the relationship between contemporary capitalism and mental health.

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Preface - Gary Genosko

Part One – Rhythmic Ecology: An Introduction to Scaping

Introduction: Rhythm, the Map and the Territory

1. Rhythm and Desire

2. Scaping: Revolutionary Rhythmanalysis

3. A Critique of the Rhythms of Everyday Life

Part Two – Mindscaping the Rhythms of Everyday Life

4. Distraction-Attention Ecology

5. Happiness-Depression Ecology

6. Debt-Credit Ecology

Conclusion: The Rhythmanalytical Project and the Way of Rhythm (Endtroduction)

Postscript - Conor Heaney & Iain MacKenzie



Conor Heaney is Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Kent Law School, University of Kent. He is the author of many journal articles including in Culture, Theory and Critique, Ethics and Global Politics, Deleuze & Guattari Studies and Educational Philosophy and Theory.

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