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The Interaction of Closely Related Linguistic Varieties and the History of English

Robert McColl Millar

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Presents a new approach to issues of language and dialect contact

Much has been written on dialect formation through contact between dialects of the same language, but the question of what happens when closely related but linguistically discrete varieties come into contact with each other has largely been neglected.

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Chapter 1: Some introductory thoughts
Chapter 2: New dialect formation and near-dialect contact
Chapter 3: New dialect formation and time depth
Chapter 4: Linguistic contact and near-relative relationships
Chapter 5: English in the ‘transition period’: the sources of contact induced change
Chapter 6: Conclusions

About the Author

Robert McColl Millar is Reader in Linguistics in the School of Language & Literature at the University of Aberdeen. His books include Northern and Insular Scots (2007), Authority and Identity. A Sociolinguistic History of Europe before the Modern Age (2010) and English Historical Sociolinguistics (2012).


Robert McColl Millar has emerged as a highly original and innovative thinker. Drawing on predominant theories in the field, his latest work offers a fresh and thought-provoking account of varieties in interaction, and his illustrative showcases make this an ideal reading for anybody interested in the sociolinguistic evolution of English.

Professor Daniel Schreier, University of Zurich

- Profesor Daniel Schreier, University of Zurich

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