Constructing Presidential Legacy

How we Remember the American President

Edited by Michael Patrick Cullinane, Sylvia Ellis

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What do we remember about US Presidents, and how do we come to commemorate their legacies?

Few personalities loom larger than the President of the United States. Their accomplishments and failures are forensically documented, and their personal lives are under constant scrutiny from the media. But how does a president's legacy emerge, and how to do we come to commemorate it?

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List of Contributors; Acknowledgements

Michael Patrick Cullinane and Sylvia Ellis

  1. Presidential Temples: America’s Presidential Libraries and Centres from the 1930s to Today
    Benjamin Hufbauer
  2. Presidential Legacy: A Literary Problem
    Kristin A. Cook
  3. Pennsylvania Avenue Meets Madison Avenue: The White House and Commercial Advertising
    Michael Patrick Cullinane
  4. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address in History and Memory
    Richard V. Damms
  5. Pageantry, Performance and Statecraft: Diplomacy and the Presidential Image
    Thomas Tunstall Allcock
  6. "You’ve Got to Decide How you Want History to Remember You": The Legacy of Lyndon B. Johnson in Film and Television
    Gregory Frame
  7. The Farewell Tour: Presidential Travel and Legacy Building
    Emily J. Charnock
  8. Reflecting or Reshaping?: Landmark Anniversaries and Presidential Legacy
    Mark McLay
  9. From a "New Paradigm" to "Memorial Sprawl": The Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Memorial
    Patrick Hagopian
  10. Top Trumps: Presidential Legacies and New Technologies
    Sylvia Ellis
  11. Epilogue: Confessions of a Presidential Biographer
    H. W. Brands

Presidential legacy is a much used but little understood term. This excellent volume demonstrates that its meaning is primarily dependent on the historical context and purposes of those memorializing the president. Its important and original insights merit a wide readership from students of the presidency and those of historical memory. Highly recommended.

Iwan Morgan, University College London
Michael Patrick Cullinane is Professor of U.S. History and the Rob and Melani Walton Chair of Theodore Roosevelt Studies at Dickinson State University in North Dakota. He is the author of The Open Door Era: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century (Edinburgh University Press, 2017), Theodore Roosevelt’s Ghost: The History and Memory of an American Icon (Louisiana State University Press, 2017) and Liberty and American Anti-Imperialism: 1898-1909 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). With Sylvia Ellis, he is the series editor of New Perspectives on the American Presidency (Edinburgh University Press) and co-editor of Constructing Presidential Legacy: How we Remember the American President (Edinburgh University Press, 2018).

Sylvia Ellis is Professor Emerita of Modern History at University of Roehampton.

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