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Constituting Scotland

The Scottish National Movement and the Westminster Model

W. Elliot Bulmer

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A comparative study of the Scottish nationalist constitutional tradition

Drawing on the fields of constitutional theory, comparative constitutional law, and Scottish studies, this book examines the historical trajectory of the constitutional question in Scotland and analyses the influences and constraints on the constitutional imagination of the Scottish national movement, in terms of both the national and international contexts. It identifies an emerging Scottish nationalist constitutional tradition that is distinct from British constitutional orthodoxies but nevertheless corresponds to broad global trends in constitutional thought and design.

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1, Introduction
2, The Global Development Of The Westminster Model
3, The Scottish Context
4, The Westminster Model In A Dreich Climate: The Emergent Scottish Constitutional Tradition
5, 2002 Draft I: Parliament And The Legislative Power
6, 2002 Draft II: Head Of State And The Executive Branch
7, 2002 Draft III: Judiciary, Rights And Substantive Provisions
8, The SNP’s Constitutional Policy 2002-2014: From Liberal Procedural Constitutionalism To Democratic Populism?
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About the Author

W. Elliot Bulmer holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Glasgow. Previously the Research Director of the Constitutional Commission in Scotland (2009-2013), he is now part of the Constitution Building Processes team for the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance in The Hague, Netherlands. His previous works include A Model Constitution for Scotland (Edinburgh: Luath Press, 2011) and A Constitution for the Common Good (Edinburgh: Luath Press, 2014).