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Comparative Criticism

Lives of the Disciplines: comparative biography. Volume 25

Edited by Elinor Shaffer


Volume 25 of the journal Comparative Criticism

This journal special issue considers what can be expected of life-writing in the aftermath of theory, which placed biography at the bottom of the critical class.


List of illustrations List of contributors Acknowledgements Frontispiece: Francis Bacon: 'Study after Velasquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X' Editor's introduction: Dances of Life and death: comparative and interdisciplinary biography
Part I The lives of the disciplines: comparative biography
Comparative biography and the DNB Brian Harrison Excerpts from The Last Brahmin Translated from the Telugu by D. Venkat Rao with an introduction 'The ends of learning: Tradition and the problem of inheritance' Rani Shivashankara Suicide and biography Janet Todd Revising Hegel's Phenomenology on the left: Luckács, Kojève, Hyppolite Galin Tihanov Proust and Italian painting With illustrations Malcolm Bowie Visual musical poetry: the feeling of Pallaksch in Bacon, Celan, and Kurtág With illustrations Beate J. Perrey 'A Relic of an ages still capable of a Romantic outlook': Musical biography and The Master Musicians Series, 1899-1906 Christopher Wiley
Part II Literature and translations
Winners of the BCLA/BCLT 2002 Translation Competition Introduction to Against the Grain by Robert Desnos Katharine Conley Translated from the French by Timothy Adès Translator's Note Latin poems George Herbert Translated by Mike Mottram
Part III Essay reviews
SCOTT MANDELBROTE A Mind-body problem. On Cambridge Scientific Minds ELINOR SHAFFER Composing and decomposing the corpus of William Beckford: French and English Beckford On Kenneth Grahm, ed. Beckford's Vathek with the Episodes
Didier Girar,ed. Vathek et ses Epistodes and L'Esplendente et autres contes inédites
Timothy Mowl, William Beckford: Compsoing for Mozart
William Beckford: A Taste for the Magnificent, Exhibition Catalogue (New York: Bard Graduate Centre) Books and periodicals received Compiled by Andrea Brady.

About the Author

Elinor Shaffer is Professor at the School of Advanced Study, University of London and honorary professor at University College, London.