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Common Law and Feudal Society in Medieval Scotland

Hector MacQueen

Edition: 2


Analyses the development of law and legal system in Scotland between c.1100 and c.1550, with a major focus on the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Exploring the relationship between law and society, this classic edition of Common Law and Feudal Society brings a key legal history text back to life in a popular new series, affordable for the student of Scottish legal history.

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Note on Editions of Texts
Foreword: Common Law and Feudal Society in Scholarship since 1993
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Lords’ Courts and Royal Justice
Chapter 3. Men of Law and Books of Law
Chapter 4. Pleadable Brieves and Free Holdings
Chapter 5. The Brieve of Novel Dissasine
Chapter 6. The Brieve of Mortancestry
Chapter 7. The Brieve of Right
Chapter 8. Council, Free and Heritage
Chapter 9. Conclusions

About the Author

Hector MacQueen has been a member of the Edinburgh Law School since 1979. Appointed to the Chair of Private Law in 1994, he was Dean of the Law School 1999-2003, and Dean of Research and Deputy Head of the College of Humanities and Social Science in the University 2004-2008. He is currently a Scottish Law Commissioner. He is the author of many books and articles on Scots law and its historical development in comparative perspective, and of key textbooks such as The Scottish Legal System (5th edition) (2013), Unjustified Enrichment Law Basics (3rd edition) (2013), and Studying Scots Law 4th edition (2012).


'There are indeed certain laws generally and frequently used in the courts which it does not seem to me absurd or presumptuous to commit to writing. And so some of these I have decided to render in writing at the command of the Lord King David.'

- Prologue to Regiam Majestatum, derived from the prologue to Glanvill

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