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Commercial Law Essentials

Malcolm Combe

Edition: 2

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Your invaluable guide to studying and working in commercial law in Scotland

Whether you’re a student coming to commercial law for the first time, you are studying for your exams or you are a professional who needs to brush up on your knowledge, this is the study guide that you need. You will quickly learn about the key topics in commercial law and its effects on the law and people of Scotland.

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Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. Sale of Goods
2. Hire
3. Agency
4. Insurance
5. Rights in Security
6. Cautionary Obligations
7. Negotiable Instruments
8. Comsumer Credit
9. Intellectual Property
10. Diligence
11. Personal Insolvancy
12. Commercial Dispute Resolution

About the Author

Malcolm Combe is Lecturer in Law at the University of Aberdeen.

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