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Columba's Island

Iona from Past to Present

Mairi MacArthur

Edition: 2

Paperback (Printed to Order)

For the Gaels it is I Chaluim Chille. From here, Colum Cille – or St Columba – and his successors spread their Christian mission throughout Scotland and beyond. An early king of Dál Riata was consecrated here, and later the mighty Lords of the Isles brought their chieftains for burial on Iona’s soil. In more recent times the island was the setting for the Iona Community, a radical experiment in church witness and worship.

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About the Author

E. Mairi MacArthur is author of several books including Columba’s Island: Iona from Past to Present (Edinburgh University Press, 1995; revised edition 2007), Colin Baxter Island Guides: Iona (1997; new edition 2001) and Iona: Souvenir Guide (1999).