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Collected Poems and Songs of George Campbell Hay

George Campbell Hay
Edited by Michel Byrne

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The work of a highly significant figure in the renaissance of Gaelic poetry in the twentieth century is gathered together for the first time in one authoritative volume. George Campbell Hay's complete original poems, in Gaelic, Scots, English, French, Italian and Norwegian, are presented chronologically with accompanying English translations and annotations to each poem.

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About the Author

Michel Byrne graduated in Celtic Studies from Edinburgh University. He is currently Lecturer in Scottish Gaelic in the Department of Celtic at the University of Glasgow.


A thing of beauty that will last for ever, an exuberant celebration of nature and of human life
- Ronald Black
An immense achievement… long years’ labour distilled and presented unobtrusively -- a model of scholarship lightly worn.
- Thomas Owen Clancy
[Hay] is matchless as a poet of fishing and the sea.
- James Robertson
The editor seeks, through great erudition and sensitivity, to reveal Hay as a man of his times.
- Meg Bateman
Michel Byrne did a braw an skeelie service tae the repuit o ane o Scotlan's foremaist makars o the twintiet yearhunnert wi his tentie editin… Nou, houbeit, we hae aa the bardrie o George Campbell Hay, wi owersetting o the Gaelic (an o the ither leids forbye), lang screids pang-fu o wittins anent his life an his makar's airt, commentators on ilka sang an ballant, listins o the place-names an (an eikin tae the first edeition) fowk-names at kythes in his screivins, an aa in a single (aabeit wechtie) buik at aabody can affuird tae hae. Aabody wi a hert-luve for Scotland an its leids bude tae hae't an aa, for there nae dout o Hay's staunin as a giant amang the giants o the Scottish Renaissance.