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Coleridge: Lectures on Shakespeare (1811-1819)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Edited by Adam Roberts

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A newly edited readers' edition of Coleridge’s foundational lectures on Shakespeare

This volume comprises a freshly composed edition of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s 1811-12 Lectures on Shakespeare and Milton and 1818-19 Lectures on Shakespeare. Coleridge is a foundational figure in Shakespeare criticism, and remains to this day one of the most incisive and best. Nobody interested in Coleridge, Shakespeare or Literary Criticism more broadly can afford to be ignorant of Coleridge’s famous lectures.

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Lectures: the 1811-12 Series
Lectures: the 1818-19 Series
Lectures: the 1819 Series

About the Author

Adam Roberts is Professor of Nineteenth-century Literature, Royal Holloway University of London. He has previously edited Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria for Edinburgh University Press (2014), and is the author of the monograph Landor’s Cleanness: a Study of Walter Savage Landor (OUP 2014).


A genuinely readable, user-friendly edition of Coleridge’s lectures on Shakespeare was long overdue. As the first modern edition of these indispensable lectures to provide exactly the right amount of expert commentary and explication without being obtrusive, this is destined to become the standard, unrivalled edition for students, lecturers and the general reader alike.

- Kiernan Ryan, Emeritus Fellow of Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

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