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Clone City

Crisis and Renewal in Contemporary Scottish Architecture

Miles Glendinning, David Page

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Clone City brings architecture, for the first time, into the mainstream of debates about Scottish cultural identity. It analyses polemically the ways in which contemporary market-led globalisation has fragmented and debased the Scottish urban environment. It examines the pointers to possible solutions provided by history, and especially by the lessons of the 20th-century Modern Movement. Building on these examples, it sketches out ways in which a more socially organic and place-specific architecture can be reconciled with modernity's pressure of freedom and individuality and it shows how that process can actively help in the building of a Scottish identity under home rule.

  • Integrates architecture and the built environment into mainstreamScottish cultural identity debates; introduces architectural issues to the wider Scottish public
  • The first book to set out a critical, polemical position on Scottish architecture
  • Sets contemporary Scottish architecture and city planning issues in a comprehensive historical context
  • Examines the relevance of the ideas of Patrick Geddes to the contemporary Scottish city

About the Author

David Page is an Architect and Urbanist commentato