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Classroom Discourse and Teacher Development

Steve Walsh

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Highlights the importance of classroom discourse to any second language teacher education programme

Reflective practice is central to teacher education and development, yet is something that many teachers struggle with. Can reflective practice be refocused by asking teachers to place classroom interaction and discourse at the centre of their reflections?

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Series Editors’ Preface
1. Chapter 1. Introduction, Introduction, Teachers as researchers, L2 teacher education and sociocultural theory, Teacher development and classroom discourse, Challenges for teachers and learners, Overview of the book
2. Chapter 2. Classroom discourse: an overview
Discourse and discourse analysis, Features of classroom discourse, The IRF exchange structure, Summary

3. Chapter 3. Classroom interactional competence, Introduction, Interactional competence, Classroom interactional competence, CIC and teacher development, Summary
4. Chapter 4. SETT: self-evaluation of teacher talk, Introduction, Context and contexts, The SETT framework, SETT and teacher development, Summary
5. Chapter 5. Researching classroom discourse, Introduction, Recording, transcription and ethics, Interaction analysis, discourse analysis and conversation analysis, Corpus linguistics, CLCA, Summary
6. Chapter 6. Reflective practice revisited, Introduction, Definitions of RP, The problems of RP, Reflective Practice Revitalised, Summary
7.Chapter 7. Conclusion, Task commentaries, References, Index
8. Appendices

About the Author

Dr Steve Walsh is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the Newcastle University.


This textbook is a valuable contribution to the field of language teaching and learning and teacher education. Unlike most texts in this field, which are generally verbose and not explicit in focus, this text has a tight focus on introducing new approaches to reflective practice in language teacher education... This is a thought-provoking textbook that will hopefully invite further research. It is recommended for language teachers, teacher educators, researchers, linguists, and anyone interested in the field of language teaching.

- Deborah Vinci-Minogue, Dominican University, Linguist List
An expert, in-depth, thought-provoking and innovative discussion of the centrality of classroom disource in second language classes. Taking into account the theoretical and technological advances in discource analysis, it also proposes concrete ways to better integrate CIC as a core component of teach training programmes. A must read for future and in-service language teachers, teacher trainers and researchers in applied linguistics. 
- Fanny Meunier, Universite Catholique de Louvain, English Text Constructions

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