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Citizenship in Modern Britain

Keith Faulks

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This textbook provides an introduction to the theory and practice of citizenship in modern Britain. Keith Faulks looks at liberal theories of citizenship, including classical, social and neo-liberal conceptions, and outlines the flaws in these theories at both a conceptual level and in practical terms. This is done via a detailed examination of the Thatcherite governments of 1979 to 1997 and concludes with an assessment of the future of citizenship under Tony Blair's leadership.The author argues that the development of citizenship in Britain has to be understood in terms of the complex inter-relationship of the state, economy and social change and puts forward a more sophisticated theory for understanding how citizenship has developed in Britain, concluding that a truly inclusive and meaningful concept of citizenship must look beyond the limits of liberal theory and the liberal state.

About the Author

Keith Faulks is Reader in Citizenship at the University of Central Lancashire. Author of Citizenship in Modern Britain (Edinburgh University Press, 1998), Political Sociology: A Critical Introduction (Edinburgh University Press, 2000) Citizenship: Key Ideas in Social Science (Routledge, 2000) and co-author of Get Set For Politics (with Ken Phillips and Alex Thomson) (Edinburgh University Press, 2003).


There is a real need for a book which links Thatcherism with liberalism and looks in detail at theoretical underpinnings as well as particular policy developments... The author is an experienced teacher who is sympathetic to undergraduate needs, and who understands the importance of combining theoretically challenging argument with attention to detail and lucid and engaging presentation.
- Dr John Hoffman, Department of Politics, University of Leicester