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Decentred Perspectives on Global Filmmaking in French

Edited by Michael Gott, Thibaut Schilt

Paperback (Forthcoming)
eBook (ePub) i

A wide-ranging study of developments in global French-language cinema

The first book devoted to a wide-ranging study of developments in global French-language cinema, from Quebec to Mauritania and from Belgium to Cambodia, Cinéma-monde picks up on the lively scholarly debates generated by the related topic of littérature-monde. Extending the scope of this debate to cover the thriving and diverse area of international French-language cinema, this innovative book also considers cinema from France within the context of global production. With contributions from an international range of specialists, and with considerations of works by contemporary directors like Rachid Bouchareb, Abderrahmane Sissako and Rithy Panh, Cinéma-monde explores the porous borders around francophone spaces and the ways in which languages and identities ‘travel’ in contemporary cinema.

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Introduction: The Kaleidoscope of Cinéma-monde

Section I. From Local to Global: The Cinéma(s)-monde(s) of Auteurs and Actors

Chapter 1- Joseph Mai: ‘Site 2: Style and Encounter in Rithy Panh’s cinéma-monde

Chapter 2- Mireille Rosello: ‘Globalization, Cinema and Terrorism in Rachid Bouchareb’s Films: London River, Baton Rouge and Little Senegal

Chapter 3- Laura Reeck: ‘Guerrilla Filmmaking with Rachid Djaïdani’

Chapter 4- Dayna Oscherwitz: ‘Globalization, Cinéma-monde, and the Work of Abderrahmane Sissako’

Chapter 5- Leslie Kealhofer-Kemp: ‘The Career of Actress Hafsia Herzi: Crossing Borders, Challenging Barriers’

Section II. Voyages, Limits and Borders

Chapter 6- Michael Gott: ‘Lost at Sea or Charting a New Course? Mapping the Murky Contours of Cinéma-monde in Floating Francophone Films’

Chapter 7- Vlad Dima ‘The Beautiful Fantasy: Imaginary Representations of Football in West-African Cinema’

Chapter 8- Gemma King: Merry Christmas in No Man’s Land: European Borders, Language Barriers and Front Lines in Christian Carion’s Joyeux Noël

Chapter 9- Thibaut Schilt: ‘An Ostrich, a Backhoe and a Few Ski-doos: Tracking the Road Movie in Quebec and Beyond’

Chapter 10- Leïla Ennaïli: ‘Accented Mappings of France in a Globalized World: Le Havre (2011) and Samba (2014) Through the Lens of Cinéma-monde

Section III. Hubs and Spheres of Production

Chapter 11- Alison Rice: ‘Activist Cinéma-monde in Paris: Filming Foreigners in the French Capital’

Chapter 12- Jaime Steele: ‘Cinema Made in Liège: A ‘Hub’ of Francophone Belgian Filmmaking’

Chapter 13- Michelle Stewart: ‘"Images of Diversity": Film Policy and the "State Struggle" for the Representation of Difference’

Chapter 14- Carina Yervasi: ‘Youth and Média-Engagé: Is This West Africa's Heterolinguistic Cinéma-monde?


Bill Marshall: ‘Worlds Within; In the World’

Lucy Mazdon: ‘Cinéma-monde as a Call to Arms’

Will Higbee: ‘Cinéma-monde and the Transnational’

About the Author

Michael Gott is Associate Professor of French and Film and Media Studies at the University of Cincinnati, where he teaches courses in European Studies, Film and Media Studies, and French-language culture and cinema. He is the author of French-language Road Cinema: Borders, Diasporas and ‘New Europe’ (Edinburgh University press, 2016) and co-edited Open Roads, Closed Borders: the Contemporary French-Language Road Movie (Intellect, 2013) and East, West and Centre: Reframing European Cinema Since 1989 (EUP, 2014).

Thibaut Schilt is Associate Professor of French at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, where he teaches courses in francophone and European cinema, gender studies, and French language and culture. He is the author of the monograph François Ozon (University of Illinois Press, 2011). In 2013, he co-edited with Michael Gott the volume Open Roads, Closed Borders: the Contemporary French-Language Road Movie, published with Intellect Press. He has published several articles on French-language road movies and queer cinema.

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