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Christopher Marlowe, Renaissance Dramatist

Lisa Hopkins

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This book offers a lively introduction to all of the plays of Christopher Marlowe and to the central concerns of his age, many of which are still important to us - religious uncertainty, the clash between Islam and Christianity, ideas of sexuality, and the rôle of the marginalised inidividual in society.

Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of Marlowe's work and its cultural contexts: Marlowe's life and death; the Marlowe canon; the theatrical contexts and stage history of the plays; Marlowe's interest in old and new branches of knowledge; the ways in which he transgresses against established norms and values; and the major issues which have been raised in critical discussions of his plays.

Key Features

  • Covers all of Marlowe's plays, including Tamburlaine the Great, Doctor Faustus, Edward II and The Jew of Malta
  • Emphasises how daring Marlowe's ideas were at the time as well as their relevance to readers today
  • Covers the theatrical contexts of Marlowe's plays and their performance history
  • Reassesses Marlowe's achievement as well as his relationship to Shakespeare


1. Marlowe's Life and Death
2. The Marlowe Canon
3. Marlowe on Stage, 1587-2007: Theatrical Contexts and Dramaturgical Practice
4. Marlowe as Scholar: Old and New Knowledges in the Plays
5. Marlowe the Horizon-Stretcher: Daring God out of Heaven and conquering new worlds
6. Critical Issues.

About the Author

Lisa Hopkins is Professor of English at Sheffield Hallam University and co-editor of Shakespeare, the journal of the British Shakespeare Association. She has a longstanding interest in Marlowe and her previous publications include Christopher Marlowe: A Literary Life (Palgrave, 2000) and Christopher Marlowe: An Author Chronology (Palgrave, 2005). She is a vice-president of the Marlowe Society and a previous joint winner of the Hoffman Award for Distinguished Publication on Christopher Marlowe.


There is much useful material here for readers new to Marlowe ... Hopkins offers some inspired readings of the plays.

- H-Net

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