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Christology and the New Testament

Jesus and His Earliest Followers

Christopher M. Tuckett

Paperback (Printed to Order)

Who did other people think Jesus was? What did Jesus think of himself?

The primary evidence of views about Jesus amongst his earliest followers is to be found in the texts of the New Testament and this makes them supremely important in any attempt to understand the history of Christianity.

This textbook offers an up-to-date, comprehensive and critical survey of the whole question of the Christology of the New Testament writers. It covers recent discoveries, for example, in the area of Judaism, and takes note of critiques of older approaches to the subject. It provides coverage of the christological ideas explicit or implicit in each of the main New Testament writers, as well as saying something about Jesus' own self-understanding. It also seeks to raise briefly some of the more hermeneutical questions concerning the place which any New Testament Christology might have in a more contemporary theological debate.

Chapters cover the individual Epistles and Gospels, offering the reader a primarily historical-critical approach, in the sense of seeking to understand each writer as an individual in his own "original" historical context. Assuming no prior knowledge of the area, Christology and the New Testament will be ideal reading for students on Biblical Studies courses and those who are studying the development of Christian thought.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive - covers all main New Testament authors (Paul, Mark, Matthew, Luke, John)
  • Pitched at an introductory level - assumes no prior knowledge
  • Most up-to-date, comprehensive survey of New Testament writers on the market.


1. Introduction
Part 1: New Testament Epistles
2. Paul
3. The Deutero-Pauline Letters
4. Hebrews
Part 2: The Synoptic Gospels
5. Introduction to the Gospels
6. Mark
7. Matthew
8. Luke - Acts
Part 3: Johannine Literature
9. The Gospel of John
10. The Johannine Epistles
11. Revelation
Part IV: Behind the Gospels
12. The Sayings Source Q
13. Jesus' Self-Understanding
14. Postscript.

About the Author

Christopher M. Tuckett is University Lecturer in New Testament Studies at the University of Oxford and author of several books including Reading the New Testament: Methods of Interpretation, The Gospel of Luke and Q and the History of Early Christianity.


...a readable guide to most of the Christologies in the New Testament but also to that of the Sayings Source Q and to Jesus' self-understanding. Written from a moderate critical perspective, the books constitutes a lucid and judicious overview for students. Those looking for a reliable and readable guide through the presentations of Jesus in the New Testament and the accompanying interpretative issues will find themselves well served by this latest book from Christopher Tuckett.
- The European Journal of Theology
I recommend this book both as a general introduction to the New Testament Christology (which can also function as a 'refresher') and as a study which makes its own distinctive mark on the field.
- International Journal of Systematic Theology, Vol 42. July 2002
With care and respect, Christopher Tuckett has mapped out the present state of scholarship on New Testament Christology … This is a manageable survey, which wins acceptance by its comprehensive research, its sobriety and the obvious good sense of its assessments.
- Reviews in Religion and Theology
The stream of interest in the Christology of the New Testament seems never ending, and the issues ever more complex. There has long been a need for a well-informed, manageable overview which could summarise issues with clarity and paint the whole picture, but also provide sufficient detail on individual books and issues, and all at a level accessible to near beginners in the fields of Theology and New Testament Studies. That need has now been met. If you want a way into this field and a sure guide through its complexities, this is it!
- James D G Dunn, Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, University of Durham
It is not surprising that Chris Tuckett found the task of writing a textbook on New Testament christology more daunting than he anticipated … In Christology and the New Testament he has carried out the exercise with skill and aplomb. In as far as it is aimed at 'first/second year undergraduates or possibly those still at school', it represents a comprehensive if demanding overview of the subject. The detail it provides on particular issues ensures its usefulness to a much wider constituency.
- The Expository Times