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Changing Methodologies in TESOL

Jane Spiro

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Introduces core concepts in methods and teaching approaches

Covering core topics from vocabulary and grammar to teaching, writing speaking and listening, this textbook shows you how to link research to practice in TESOL methodology. It emphasises how current understandings have impacted on the language classroom worldwide and investigates the meaning of 'methods' and 'methodology' and the importance of these for the teacher: as well as the underlying assumptions and beliefs teachers bring to bear in their practice. By introducing you to language teaching approaches, you will explore the way these are influenced by developments in our understanding of language, learning technologies, learners, and their socio-cultural world.

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CHAPTER 1 The meaning of methods
Section One: Methods and the language learner, CHAPTER 2 Learning theories and methods, CHAPTER 3 The place of the learner in methods
Section Two: Methods and language, CHAPTER 4 Grammar in methods, CHAPTER 5 Vocabulary in Methods, CHAPTER 6 Teacher knowledge and the four language skills: understanding written and spoken language in the 21st century world, CHAPTER 7 Methods and principles for integrating the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
Section Three: The World in the Classroom, CHAPTER 8 Multiple literacies: professional, academic and web literacies in methods, CHAPTER 9 Cultural competences in methods, CHAPTER 10 Windows into TESOL classrooms: where are we and where are we going?

About the Author

Dr Jane Spiro is Learning and Teaching Development Leader at the Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University. In addition to many book chapters and journal articles, she has published Storybuilding (2007, OUP), and Creative Poetry Writing (2004, OUP)


Would I use this book? Quite definitely, yes! It gives a new slant to TESOL pedagogy by situating it in the wider world, by placing methods in relation to individual user’s contexts, and through the onus it places on users to exercise independent judgement.

- Alan Maley , ELT Journal

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