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British Propaganda in the Twentieth Century

Selling Democracy

Philip M. Taylor

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This book examines the evolution of British propaganda practice during the course of the twentieth century. Written by an internationally-renowned expert in the area, this book covers the period from the First World War to the present day, including discussions of recent developments in information warfare. It includes analysis of film, radio, television and the press, and places the British experience within the wider international context. Drawing together elements of the author's previously published work, the book demonstrates how Britain has established a model for democratic propaganda world-wide.This is the first volume in the new International Communications series, edited by Philip M Taylor.

About the Author

Director of the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds.


Remarkably lucid … morally engaging overview.
Another excellent book for students of propaganda, politics, society and the state … a publication which incorporates a unique combination of sources, careful handling of material and a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject.

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