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British Children's Fiction in the Second World War

Owen Dudley Edwards

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What children read in the Second World War had an immense effect on how they came of age as they faced the new world. This time was unique for British children - parental controls were often relaxed if not absent, and the radio and reading assumed greater significance for most children than they had in the more structured past or were to do in the more crowded future.

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Part One
1. Orwell v. Richards: Children's Fiction to 1940
2. Rations and Quislings
3. Evacuees and Gurus
4. Women and Fathers
5. Officials and Genteel-men
Part Two
6. God's Things and Others'
7. Identity, Authority and Imagination
8. Gender
9. Class
10. Race
Sources, Guides and Regrets

About the Author

Owen Dudley Edwards is Fellow in History at the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely on the history, culture and literature of Ireland, Scotland, and America.


Exhaustive in scope, bursting with ideas and promising to be the definitive work on the subject.
- Professor Jeffrey Richards, University of Lancaster

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