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Britain, Ireland and the Second World War

Ian S. Wood

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For Britain the Second World War exists in popular memory as a time of heroic sacrifice, survival and ultimate victory over Fascism. In the Irish state the years 1939-1945 are still remembered simply as 'the Emergency'. Eire was one of many small states which in 1939 chose not to stay out of the war but one of the few able to maintain its non-belligerency as a policy.

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1 Britain and the Irish Question: An Overview
2 The Impact of Eire's Neutrality and its Denial of the "Treaty Ports" to Britain
3 The Economics of the Wartime Relationship between Britain and Ireland as a Whole
4 The IRA - the Resumption of "Military" Operations in 1939
5 Propaganda, Intelligence, Espionage, and the Media
6 Overall Impact of the War Years on British/Irish Relationships
7 Bibliographical Essay

About the Author

Ian S. Wood is a distinguished Military historian, lecturer and journalist. He is the author of Gods, Guns and Ulster (Caxton 2003); Crimes of Loyalty: a History of the UDA (Edinburgh 2006); Britain, Ireland and the Second World War (Edinburgh 2010) and is a contributing author to A Military History of Scotland (Edinburgh 2012).


Britain, Ireland and the Second  World War is an admirable introduction to the history of the topic.

Wood makes no claim to have written a definitive history and his book has value for a general reader or for students in a course on Irish history.

- Daniel C. Williamson, H-Albion (August, 2011)

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