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Britain and the European Union

Alistair Jones

Edition: 2

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Introduces the UK's relationship to the EU and the impact of EU membership on the UK

New for this Edition

  • Two new chapters on Europeanisation and on The British Media and the EU
  • Updated to include the fallout from the 2015 UK Parliament general election and the 2014 European Parliament election
  • Examples, tables and figures updated throughout

The relationship between Britain and the European Union is complex and frequently misunderstood, often as a result of misrepresentation in the media. This updated guide examines the different relationships between the various tiers of government in the UK and the EU, and how the EU's powers affect the UK, from a range of perspectives.

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1. Introduction
2. History and Development of the EU
3. Institutions of the EU
4. Common Policies of the EU
5. Europeanisation
6. Intergovernmentalism versus Supranationalism
7. Expansion versus Integration
8. The influence of the EU on Britain
9. Political Parties and the EU
10. The British media and the European Union
11. Reluctant Europeans – Public Opinion on the European Union
12. Conclusion – Is Britain still the ‘reluctant European’?

About the Author

Alistair Jones is Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at De Montfort University and is Programme Leader for the B.A. (Hons.) International Business and Globalisation course. He is co-author (with Phil Cocker) of Contemporary British Politics and Government (Liverpool Academic Press, 3rd edn, 2002) and Essential Topics in British Politics and Government (Liverpool Academic Press, 2005).


Alistair Jones has written a very useful book. . . this user-friendly book will help to inform an educated debate on a subject that is often reduced to headlines presented in the popular press.
- Alasdair Blair, H-Net

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