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Bollywood and Postmodernism

Popular Indian Cinema in the 21st Century

Neelam Sidhar Wright

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Re-examines contemporary Bollywood films using postmodernist film theory

‘New Bollywood’ has arrived, but its postmodern impulse often leaves film scholars reluctant to theorise its aesthetics. How do we define the style of a contemporary Bollywood film? Are Bollywood films just uninspired Hollywood rip-offs, or does their borrowing signal genuine innovation within the industry?

Applying postmodern concepts and locating postmodern motifs in key commercial Hindi films, this innovative study reveals how Indian cinema has changed in the 21st century. Equipping readers with an alternative method of reading contemporary Indian cinema, Bollywood and Postmodernism takes Indian film studies beyond the exhausted theme of diaspora, and exposes a new decade of aesthetic experimentation and textual appropriation in mainstream Bombay cinema.

A bold celebration of contemporary Bollywood texts, this book radically redefines Indian film and persuasively argues for its seriousness as a field of study in world cinema.

Key Features:

  • One of the first books to identify and establish a new kind of Bollywood cinema emerging in the 2000s
  • Includes case studies of commercially successful yet academically under-acknowledged postmodern Bollywood films and cross-cultural remakes
  • Conducts a detailed study of Bollywood’s formal aesthetic changes by breaking its film language down into a series of postmodern traits


List of Illustrations
List of Abbreviations for Film Titles
Chapter 1: Introduction: The Bollywood Eclipse
Chapter 2: Anti-Bollywood: Traditional Modes of Studying Indian Cinema
Chapter 3: Pedagogic Practices and Newer Approaches to Contemporary Bollywood Cinema
Chapter 4: Postmodernism and India
Chapter 5: Postmodern Bollywood
Chapter 6: Indian cinema: A History of Repetition
Chapter 7: Contemporary Bollywood Remakes
Chapter 8: Conclusion: A Bollywood Renaissance?
Appendix: Table of Bollywood Remakes

About the Author

Neelam Sidhar Wright is an Independent Academic Researcher. She has taught Film and Media Studies at the University of Sussex and has previously worked in various film production and media roles, and as a freelance filmmaker.