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Black Nationalism in American History

From the Nineteenth Century to the Million Man March

Mark Newman

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Provides a concise up-to-date introduction to and overview of black nationalism in American history

This analytical introduction assesses contrasting definitions of black nationalism in America, thereby providing an overview of its development and varied manifestations across two centuries. Its aim is to evaluate historiographical debates and synthesize a broad range of scholarship, much of it published since the beginning of the new millennium. However, unlike some of that work, this book offers a critical perspective that avoids advocacy or condemnation of black nationalism by examining major black nationalist thinkers, leaders and organizations as well as discussing some lesser-known groups and figures, the nature of black nationalism’s appeal and the position of women in and their contributions to black nationalism.

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1. Black Nationalism before Marcus Garvey
2. Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association
3. The Nation of Islam and Malcolm X
4. Black Nationalism, 1966-1970
5. Black Nationalism, 1971-1995

About the Author

Mark Newman is a Reader in History at the University of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is the author of the award-winning Getting Right with God: Southern Baptists and Desegregation, 1945–1995 (2001) and Divine Agitators: The Delta Ministry and Civil Rights in Mississippi (2004).


Mark Newman provides an account of black nationalism that is readable and informative, while offering a critical discussion that it is thought-provoking and eminently fair. This fast-paced overview is a first-rate introduction to a fascinating, controversial, and important topic.

- Adam Fairclough, Leiden University

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