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Beyond New Age

Exploring Alternative Spirituality

Edited by Steven Sutcliffe, Marion Bowman

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This book offers the first serious exploration of the many different aspects of alternative spirituality. While there is much talk of 'spirituality' now, no other collection has specifically addressed its many 'alternative' -non-ecclesiastical in the broadest sense - manifestations. The authors aim to open up a relatively unexplored and often quite hidden dimension of religion in the modern world through non-confessional, critical study. They establish both the vibrancy of contemporary experiments in alternative spirituality, as well as its historical pedigree. The broad range of subject matter includes magical ritual, independent seekers and gurus, the Theosophical movement, C. G. Jung, turn-of-the-century artistic and spiritual colonies, Iona and Glastonbury, alternative healing, and the influence of secular and humanistic thought. Readers of this fascinating book will gain an overall sense of the sociological, anthropological, historical and ethnographical perspectives on the study of religion and the many alternative forms of spirituality.

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About the Author

Steven Sutcliffe is a Lecturer in Religion and Society at the University of Edinburgh.

Marion Bowman is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University


A valuable and thought-provoking resource for scholars studying and teaching in the field of contemporary religion
This marvellous volume is billed as offering 'the first serious explanation of the many aspects of alternative spirituality' … Beyond New Age fully lives up to the publicity. It is a rare treat for all aficionados of anything 'New Age' … In this profoundly thrilling book we are given a clear insight of activities, which were vitally necessary, like shock troops to clear the world of all its unwanted concepts and now almost exploded ideas. Therefore this book is of historical importance and could form the staple diet on which future thinkers can gorge, in order to fully understand and comprehend what led to the era beyond the new age. Fascinating, highly educational and indeed we are treated to 'the first truly serious explanation of the many different aspects of alternative spirituality.' It is a most insightful, wonderful read, clearly expressed without any boring passages.
This collection of useful essays has its emphasis on practice … a welcome contribution to the field.
The authors and contributors have provided an excellent work, covering a great deal of ground and giving a feel for the various experiences, events and practices going under the alternative spiritualities label.