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Badiou and Plato

An Education by Truths

A. J. Bartlett

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An interrogation of Plato’s entire work using the concepts and categories of Alain Badiou

This is the first book to critically address and draw consequences from Badiou’s claim that his work is a ‘Platonism of the multiple’ and that philosophy today requires a ‘platonic gesture’. Examining the relationship between Badiou and Plato, Bartlett radically transforms our perception of Plato’s philosophy and rethinks the central philosophical question: ‘what is education?’

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Introduction: Trajectory
1. State
2. Site
3. Event/Intervention
4. Fidelity
5. Subject
6. Generic


About the Author

A. J. Bartlett is Adjunct Research Fellow at the Research Unit in European Philosophy at Monash University. He is the author of Badiou and Plato: An Education by Truths (Edinburgh University Press, hb 2011, pb 2015) and translator, with Alex Ling, of Badiou's Mathematics of the Transcendental (Bloomsbury Academic, 2014).


This is not a work of commentary but an intervention: by actualising the categories of Badiou's Being and Event, Bartlett subverts the Aristotelian biases of Plato scholarship and exposes the sophistical basis of contemporary ideologies of education. The result brilliantly exemplifies the transformative import of Badiou's Platonism.
- Ray Brassier, American University of Beirut

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