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Atlantic Citizens

Nineteenth-Century American Writers at Work in the World

Leslie Eckel

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By looking beyond the page and into the extraordinary lives of Walt Whitman, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Grace Greenwood, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller and Frederick Douglass, this book uncovers their startling contributions to transatlantic culture and makes the argument that literature is dependent upon other modes of professional creativity in order to thrive.

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About the Author

Leslie Elizabeth Eckel is Associate Professor of English at Suffolk University in Boston. She is the author of Atlantic Citizens: Nineteenth-Century American Writers at Work in the World (2013). Her essays have appeared in books and journals such as Atlantic Studies, Transatlantica, Common-place, Arizona Quarterly, and ESQ. Her current book project, “Dwelling in Possibility: Atlantic Utopias and Countercultures,” explores the linguistic networks of utopian writing in the long nineteenth century.


This book represent a fine contribution to transatlantic scholarship...Eckel's way of recontextualizing authors according to their "vocational routes" offers illuminating new readings of canonical American writers.
- Paul Giles, University of Sydney, Journal of American Studies, 48
Each chapter of Atlantic Citizens is deeply grounded in criticism, history, biography and close textual analysis. Leslie Eckel's prose is largely jargon free and sparkles with shrewd insights and delightful wit. Her book is a bold declaration that transatlantic literary study is as vital as ever.
- Wesley T. Mott, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Emerson Society Papers, Vol 25, Number 1

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