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Asian American Literary Studies

Edited by Guiyou Huang

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This volume presents global perspectives on Asian American literature by accomplished scholars from Germany, Japan, Singapore, Spain, and the US. It covers a diverse range of interdisciplinary topics in contemporary Asian American Studies across a wide spectrum of ethnic groups: Burmese, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Vietnamese.

Section I probes themes such as the vital role that war plays in the production of Asian American literary works, and the agency of the self in the life writings of Asian American autobiographers. Section II examines the confines of binary oppositions of gender, as well as issues of pan-ethnicity and gender relations. Section III explores the role that performance, film, and language play in the definition of self-identity and in ethnic empowerment. Five intrinsically connected themes run through all sections: gender roles; stereotyping; identity politics; intersections of literature, history, family, and the self; and the impact of wars on Asian American culture and literature. The chapters illuminate each other by discussing ideas and issues that are the enlargements of other, related themes and topics.

Key Features

  • Global perspectives on the literary texts
  • Interdisciplinary approach to the subject
  • Contributors' expertise
  • Up-to-date coverage
  • Contents

    Introduction: Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Asian American
    Literary Studies - Guiyou Huang
    Section I: Perspectives on Literature and History
    1. Asian American Literary History: War, Memory, and Representation
    - Gayle K. Sato
    2. The Self in the Text versus the Self as Text: Asian American Autobiographical Strategies
    - Rocío G. Davis
    3. Asian Americans Imagining Burma: Chang-rae Lee's A Gesture Life and Wendy Law-Yone's Irrawaddy Tango - Cheng Lok Chua
    Section II: Perspectives on Gender Roles and Representation
    4. Globalization, Masculinity, and the Changing Stakes of Hollywood Cinema for Asian American Studies - Karen Fang
    5. Gender Negotiations and the Asian American Literary Imagination
    Wenxin Li
    6. Long a Mystery and Forever a Memory: God vs. Goddess in the Ethnic Novel - Guiyou Huang
    7. Realigning and Reassigning Cultural Values: Occidentalist Stereotyping and Representations of the Multiethnic Family in Asian American Women Writers - Tamara Silvia Wagner

    Section III: Perspectives on Language and Culture
    8. 'I Love My India': Indian American Students Performing Identity and Creating
    Culture on Stage - Vincent H. Melomo
    9. Speaking Outside of the Standard: Local Immigrant Literature of Hawai'i
    Amy N. Nishimura
    10. Staging Heterogeneity: Contemporary Asian American Drama - Christiane Schlote
    Notes on the Editor and Contributors.

    About the Author

    Guiyou Huang is Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Programs at St. Thomas University, Florida. His books include Whitmanism, Imagism, and Modernism in China and America (1997) and The Columbia Guide to Asian American Literature (2005). His edited books inlcude Asian American Autobiographers (2001), Asian American Poets (2002), and Asian American Short Story Writers (2003).

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