Asia after Versailles

Asian Perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference and the Interwar Order, 1919-33

Edited by Urs Matthias Zachmann

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Traces the complex and multifaceted story of the Asian response to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

Asia After Versailles addresses an important but neglected watershed for Asian nations - the response to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. The Conference marked the end of a conflict which, although intrinsically European, had globalized the world on many levels, politically as well as economically, culturally and socially. It also stood at the beginning of a new order that saw the power centre shift towards the US and Asia. Asian countries and people played a significant but so far largely neglected role in this momentous development. Bringing together an international range of experts in the history of China, Japan, India and the Ottoman Empire/Turkey, this pioneering volume demonstrates the importance of Asia in the multifaceted global transformations that revolved around the Paris Peace Conference and its aftermath.

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Introduction: Asia After Versailles Urs Matthias ZachmannPart I1. The Correlation of Crises, 1918–1920 Mark Metzler2. Muslim Asia after Versailles Cemil Aydin3. From Versailles to Shanghai: Pan-Asianist Legacies of the Paris Peace Conference and the Failure of Asianism from Below Torsten WeberPart II4. A Cultural History of Diplomacy: Re-assessing the Japanese ‘Performance’ at the Paris Peace Conference Naoko Shimazu5. India’s Freedom and the League of Nations: Public Debates 1919-33 Maria Framke6. Dashed Hopes: Japanese Buddhist Perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference John LoBreglio7. Particularism and Universalism in the New Nationalism of Post-Versailles Japan Kevin Doak8. Versailles and the Fate of Chinese Internationalism: Re-Assessing the Anarchist Case Gotelind Müller9. The Impact of Versailles on Chinese Nationalism as Reflected in Shanghai Graphic and Urban Culture, 1919-1931 Hiroko Sakamoto

Asia after Versailles is a much needed resource to understand how Asia was affected by the Paris Peace Conference and how Asia, in turn, influenced Versailles... [Its] greatest contribution is through its transnational perspective on Asia during the interwar years.
Guoqi Xu, University of Hong Kong, International Affairs
The volume illustrates very well the extent to which the end of the First World War triggered a series of very different crises, which affected not only Europe but also Asia in many ways... This volume attempts to break away from Europe as the epistemic closure and approaches the subject from the opposite direction: that is, looks at Asian perspectives, sensibilities and motivations in their own right.(translated from German)
Stefan Kroll, Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History
[...] this is an important read for military historians and policy experts. It reminds us of the significance of Versailles, and the Great War, to the making of a world order after 1919.
Michele L Louro, Salem State University, The RUSI Journal, 164:4
Urs Matthias Zachmann is Professor of Modern Japanese History and Culture at Freie Universität Berlin.

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