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Asia after Versailles

Asian Perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference and the Interwar Order, 1919-33

Edited by Urs Matthias Zachmann

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Traces the complex and multifaceted story of the Asian response to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

Asia After Versailles addresses an important but neglected watershed for Asian nations - the response to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. The Conference marked the end of a conflict which, although intrinsically European, had globalized the world on many levels, politically as well as economically, culturally and socially. It also stood at the beginning of a new order that saw the power centre shift towards the US and Asia. Asian countries and people played a significant but so far largely neglected role in this momentous development. Bringing together an international range of experts in the history of China, Japan, India and the Ottoman Empire/Turkey, this pioneering volume demonstrates the importance of Asia in the multifaceted global transformations that revolved around the Paris Peace Conference and its aftermath.

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Introduction: Asia After Versailles Urs Matthias Zachmann
Part I
1. The Correlation of Crises, 1918–1920 Mark Metzler
2. Muslim Asia after Versailles Cemil Aydin
3. From Versailles to Shanghai: Pan-Asianist Legacies of the Paris Peace Conference and the Failure of Asianism from Below Torsten Weber
Part II
4. A Cultural History of Diplomacy: Re-assessing the Japanese ‘Performance’ at the Paris Peace Conference Naoko Shimazu
5. India’s Freedom and the League of Nations: Public Debates 1919-33 Maria Framke
6. Dashed Hopes: Japanese Buddhist Perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference John LoBreglio
7. Particularism and Universalism in the New Nationalism of Post-Versailles Japan Kevin Doak
8. Versailles and the Fate of Chinese Internationalism: Re-Assessing the Anarchist Case Gotelind Müller
9. The Impact of Versailles on Chinese Nationalism as Reflected in Shanghai Graphic and Urban Culture, 1919-1931 Hiroko Sakamoto

About the Author

Urs Matthias Zachmann is Professor of Modern Japanese History and Culture at Freie Universität Berlin.

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