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Archaeology and the Emergence of Greece

Anthony Snodgrass


Cover four decades of work on pre-Classical and Classical Greece

Classical archaeology has changed beyond recognition in the past generation, in its aims, its choice of subject-matter and the methods it uses. This book brings together twenty-five papers by A. M. Snodgrass, some of them previously published only in rather inaccessible places, which have contributed to this change. They cover four decades of work on pre-Classical and Classical Greece and some adjacent fields of scholarship, beginning in the 1960s when Classical archaeology was not widely seen as a free-standing subject. They chart the progress of a movement for the intellectual independence of Greek archaeology and art, from history and textual studies and for recognition among other branches of archaeology.

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Part I: A Credo
1. Archaeology
2. Greek Archaeology and Greek History
3. The New Archaeology and the Classical Archaeologist
4. A Paradigm Shift in Classical Archaeology?
5. Separate Tables? A story of two traditions within one discipline
Part II: The Early Iron Age of Greece
6. Metalwork as Evidence for Immigration in the Late Bronze Age
7. The Coming of the Iron Age in Greece: Europe's Earliest Bronze/Iron Transition
8. Euboeans in Macedonia: A New Precedent for Westward Expansion
9. The Rejection of Mycenaean Culture and the Oriental Connection
10. An Historical Homeric society?
Part III: The Early Polis at Home and Abroad
11. Archaeology and the Rise of the Greek state
12. Heavy Freight in Archaic Greece
13. Interaction by Design: the Greek city-state
14. The Economics of Dedication at Greek Sanctuaries
15. Archaeology and the Study of the Greek City
16. The Nature and Standing of the Western colonies
Part IV: The Early Polis at War
17. The Hoplite Reform and History
18. The Historical Significance of Fortification in Archaic Greece
19. The 'Hoplite Reform' Revisited
Part V: Early Greek Art
20. Poet and Painter in Eighth-Century Greece
21. Narration and Allusion in Archaic Greek Art
22. The Uses of Writing on Early Greek Painted Pottery
23. Pausanias and the Chest of Kypselos
Part VI: Archaeological Survey
24. Survey Archaeology and the Rural Landscape of the Greek City
25. Rural Burial in the World of Cities.

About the Author

Anthony Snodgrass is Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge.


... a book that will doubtless prove encouraging and inspirational reading for future generations of scholars of Hellenistic Egypt.
- Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Bingen shines forth from these pages as a trailblazer and a revisionist ...
- Bryn Mawr Classical Review
... from an historiographical standpoint, this work is uniquely invaluable for anyone who wishes to grasp the complexities of the various scholarly debates.
- Bryn Mawr Classical Review