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Arabic Grammar

A Reference Guide

John Mace

This book is a reference grammar to support any modern Standard Arabic course. It is particularly useful for those students starting out in the study of Arabic. Each chapter makes the fewest possible assumptions about the student's knowledge, aiming rather to group the whole of its subject in one known and accessible place. There is also interaction between the categories; and to allow for this fact, the explanations contain much cross-reference. Similarly no hard line has been drawn between morphology and syntax. The Arabic used in the book is from modern life; from the office, the academy, the departmental meeting, the worksite and so on. Nothing solely historic or academic is included. The book includes an Arabic index, grammatical index and glossary of grammatical terms.
  • Accessible introduction to a difficult area of Arabic language
  • Transliteration used where useful
  • Indexes to supplement detailed cross-references in the text (Formerly Modern Standard Arabic: A Concise Grammar)
  • About the Author

    John Mace has worked for some years in Arab countries, both as a personnel and training officer in the oil sector, and later as a Delegate of the European Commission. He has written several books on Arabic including Arabic Grammar (1998), Business Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary (2008) and Arabic Today (second edition 2008), all published by Edinburgh University Press.


    John Mace has for many years published a range of practical and accessible learning guides for students of both Arabic and Persian. In Arabic Grammar, he provides a compact but wide-ranging introductory guide to students of written Arabic … a well-edited and concise book of Arabic grammar that can be utilised by students at almost all levels, making as few assumptions regarding knowledge of the language as possible.