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Arabic Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Tony McEnery, Andrew Hardie, Nagwa Younis

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An overview of current corpus-based research on the Arabic language

This book demonstrates the advantage of a corpus based approach to Arabic, and presents an overview of current research on the Arabic language within corpus linguistics. Dealing not only with modern standard Arabic, the book also considers classical and colloquial forms.

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Chapter 1: Introducing Arabic Corpus Linguistics

Tony McEnery, Lancaster University, Andrew Hardie, Lancaster University and Nagwa Younis, Ain Shams University

Chapter 2: Under the Hood of arabiCorpus

Dilworth B. Parkinson, Brigham Young University

Chapter 3: Tunisian Arabic Corpus: Creating a written corpus of an "unwritten" language

Karen McNeil, Brown University

Chapter 4: Accessible corpus annotation for Arabic

Wesam Ibrahim, Tanta University and Andrew Hardie, Lancaster University

Chapter 5: The Leeds Arabic Discourse Treebank: Guidelines for Annotating Discourse Connectives and Relations

Amal Alsaif, Al-Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University and Katja Markert, Hedielberg University

Chapter 6: Using the Web to model Modern and Qurʾanic Arabic

Eric Atwell, The University of Leeds

Chapter 7: Semantic prosody as a tool for translating prepositions in the Holy Qurʾan: a corpus-based analysis

Nagwa Younis, Ain Shams University

Chapter 8: A relational approach to modern literary Arabic conditional clauses

Manuel Sartori, Aix-Marseille University

Chapter 9: Quantitative approaches to analysing COME constructions in Modern Standard Arabic

Dana Abdulrahim, University of Bahrain

Chapter 10: Approaching text typology through cluster analysis in Arabic

Ghada Mohamed, University of Bahrain and Andrew Hardie, Lancaster University

Appendix: Arabic transliteration systems used in this book

About the Author

Tony McEnery is Professor of English Language and Linguistics at Lancaster University. He is Editor of the journal Corpora.

Andrew Hardie is Research Fellow, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University.

Nagwa Younis is Head of the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Egypt

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