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Arab Christians in British Mandate Palestine

Communalism and Nationalism, 1917-1948

Noah Haiduc-Dale

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Explores the relationship between Arab Christians and the Palestinian nationalist movement from 1917 to 1948

Recent conflict in the Middle East has caused some observers to ask if Muslims and Christians can ever coexist. History suggests that relations between those two groups are not predetermined, but are the product of particular social and political circumstances. This book examines Muslim-Christian relations during an earlier period of political and social upheaval, and explores the process of establishing new forms of national and religious identification.

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Introduction: Nationalism and Religious Identification
1. 1917–1923: Balancing Religion and National Unity
2. 1923–1929: Christians and a Divided National Movement
3. 1929–1936: Toward Communalism
4. 1936–1939: Standing Aloof? Arab Christians and the Great Revolt
5. 1940–1948: National Strength through Communal Unity

About the Author

Noah Haiduc-Dale is Assistant Professor of History at Centenary College, New Jersey.


'The book is of signal importance in dissecting and reexamining several long-accepted story lines about Palestinian Christians… [It] is a welcome addition to the literature on the Mandate, on confessional relations within Palestine, and on Palestinian history in general. It is sure to leave its mark and inspire renewed understandings of the role of religion in Palestinian identity generally, particularly (but not exclusively) for Palestinian Christians.'

- Michael R. Fischbach, Journal of Islamic Studies

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