Arab Animation

Images of Identity

Omar Sayfo

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Explores how Arab animations have been deeply engaged in the making and remaking of religious and political identities
  • The first in-depth study of the institutional and infrastructural background of animation production in the Arab world
  • Explores the position of animation production in national media and cultural industries
  • Examines how Arab producers and artists have used the animation format to mediate national, pan-Arab, Islamic and revolutionary identitiesExploring political and religious identity in Arab animation

By textually analysing around 40 productions from the 1930s until recently, this critical study explores how animated cartoons of the Arab world have been used to promote various notions of identity and mediate political and religious messages.

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1. Introduction
2. Mediating National Identities in Arab Animation
3. Arab Animated Sitcoms: Vehicles For The Mediation Of Critical Notions Of National Identities
4. Approaches To Pan-Arab Identities
5. Advocating Islamic Identities In Arab Animated Cartoons
6. The Arab Spring Of Animation
7. Epilogue: Can Arab Animation Go Global?
This work is encyclopaedic in ambition and scope. Its coverage includes details of the production background and texts of scores of animations, organised coherently according to the author’s framework of national, pan-Arab, Islamic, ‘revolutionary’ and global identities and researched through painstaking and resourceful seeking out and sifting of a wide range of archives and sources, including interviews.
Naomi Sakr, Professor of Media Policy, University of Westminster
Dr. Sayfo has worked with the best scholars in the field, and has done such a large amount of groundwork through interviews and fieldwork, that I am convinced this book will serve as one of the benchmarks for research on Arab animation in years to come. This excellent book combines critical analysis of existing scholarship with original research that has not been accessed or unlocked previously.
Professor Stefanie Van de Peer, Lecturer in Film and Media, Queen Margaret University
Omar Sayfo is Affiliated Researcher in the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) at Utrecht University and a researcher at the Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies. He has published articles among others in Animation, Media Industries Journal and The Journal of Popular Culture, as well as chapters in a number of edited collections.

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