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Anthony Trollope's Late Style

Victorian Liberalism and Literary Form

Frederik Van Dam

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Exploring Anthony Trollope’s stylistic innovations in relation to Victorian liberalism

Henry James famously dismissed the works which constitute Anthony Trollope’s ultimate compositions for their ‘fatal dryness of texture’ and ‘mechanical movement’. Taking its cue from James’s observations while challenging his assessment, this study examines the full stylistic range of the novels and biographies which Trollope explored in his final decade, from allegory, satire, and parody, through poignancy, the classics, and paraphrasis, to character, bathos, and fantasy.

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About the Author

Frederik Van Dam is Assistant Professor of Literature at Radboud University.


Frederik Van Dam’s Anthony Trollope’s Late Style establishes its author as a brilliant leading expert globally on Anthony Trollope. It is far more than just an analysis of Trollope’s late style and presents wonderfully detailed readings of Trollope’s late works (1875 and onwards). It is a superb book in every way.

- UCI Distinguished Research Professor, University of California at Irvine, J. Hillis Miller
Van Dam’s book is remarkably inclusive, quoting liberally from Trollope’s works and a wide range of critics and often containing lengthy footnotes that function as miniature scholarly essays. In this way, Van Dam’s own style...reveals the sociable and egalitarian instincts that he attributes to the later Trollope.
- MATTHEW SUSSMAN,The University of Sydney, Review of English Studies, Vol. 67, No. 282

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