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An Introduction to Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Religion

Brian Clack

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There is no general introduction to Wittgenstein's philosophy of religion. Brian Clack provides a much-needed primer in Wittgenstein's thought as it relates to religious belief. This text provides a guide to the essentials of Wittgenstein's philosophy, particularly in the philosophy of religion. Students are introduced to the early and later work, and the different accounts of language and meaning they offer. The book will provide an overview of Wittgenstein's writings on religion, and an assessment of his influence in contemporary debates.

About the Author

Brian Clack is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego.


Succeeds very well in bringing out the myriad issues that have come to be associated with a Wittgensteinian approach to philosophy of religion.. A nimble and often fascinating jaunt through the Wittgensteinian approach to religion. I recommend it highly for anyone wishing to learn more about Wittgenstein's views and their influence; it also has the added advantage of raising along the way many broader issues about religious belief.