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An Introduction to Scots Criminal Law

Sarah Christie


Covers all the core aspects of Scots criminal law for students on LL.B. and non-LL.B. degree courses

An Introduction to Scots Criminal Law clearly explains the main aspects and principles of criminal law for students new to the subject. It includes aspects of devolution and the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights. Each chapter is structured to help students to navigate easily through the text, with clear sub-headings, flow diagrams, self-assessment questions and graded further reading.


Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. The Nature and Administration of Scots Criminal Law
2. The Actus Reus
3. Mens Rea
4. Statutory Offences and Corporate Liability
5. Parties to an Offence
6. Inchoate Crimes: Incitement, Conspiracy and Attempt
7. Defences
8. Homicide
9. Offences against the Person
10. Sexual Offences
11. Offences against Society
12. Offences against Property
Appendix: Answers to Self-Assessment Questions

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