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An Introduction to Roman Religion

John Scheid

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This is an introduction to religion in Rome during the late republic and early empire. Written by one of the world's leading scholars of the subject, it draws on the latest findings in archaeology and history to explain the meanings of rituals, rites, auspices and oracles, to describe the uses of temples and sacred ground, and to evoke the daily patterns of religious life and observance within the city Rome and its environs.

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About the Author

John Scheid is Director of Studies in Ancient History at the École pratiques des hautes études in Paris. His books include Religion et piëté à Rome (1985) and, co-authored with J. Svenbro, Le métier de Zeus (1994), which was subsequently published by Harvard University Press as The Craft of Zeus: Myths of Weaving and Fabric.


A good, interesting introduction to the subject. The main elements and principles of Roman religion are clearly presented and discussed. Throughout, the reader gains a compelling sense of the flexibility of Roman religion and of the efforts of the Romans to interpret and develop it.
Scheid writes very clearly and with precision and is careful to note the limits of what can be known. The book is thus a useful, and of course utterly reliable, guide for beginners … a lucid expression of how Scheid views the broader picture and a succinct expression of his views on methodology… [The translation] is beautifully clear.
Readable and very useful … beautifully presented by Edinburgh University Press… Scholarship of a high order.